21 Ways to Get Started Living Off The Grid Bundle: eBook & Workbook Included!

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Ready to get started on your dreams of moving off the grid? Take your first steps to a life off the grid with this practical guide and *new* workbook packed with action items to start right now. 

Use this valuable resource to save time and money as you learn what to look for, what to watch out for,  plus the action items you need to complete to prepare for living off the grid.

I wrote this book based on my experiences moving off the grid to Canada's subarctic after spending most of my adult life as a banker in the Toronto suburbs. If I did it - you can too!

Inside the guide and workbook you'll find helpful tips and tools such as

  • your off grid life dream planner worksheet
  • how to decide where to live
  • what to know about building or renovating off the grid
  • why you need an Off Grid Homeowner's Manual
  • where to get the information you need about off grid life in your region
  • homesteading off the grid
  • how to budget for living off grid
  • budgeting worksheets
  • off grid living for beginners tips
  • and a whole lot more!

Learn more about living off the grid at An Off Grid Life.