The Black Bear

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Black bears are a fact of life in our area in the Canadian subarctic. In fact, last year our neighbour had to scare one off his front porch!

Black bears roam across much of North America, as well as Europe.

Use this open-and-go unit study on The Black Bear with your homeschool students in grades three-through six.

What's Included in the Black Bear Unit Study

Here's what you'll find in our new Black Bear Unit Study:

  • Let's Learn About The Black Bear
  • What Do Black Bears Eat?
  • Where Do Black Bears Live - Home Range
  • What Do Black Bears Look Like 
  • All About Hibernation
  • Multiple Choice with Answer Key
  • Fun Facts About Black Bears
  • Black Bear Word Search with Answer Key
  • Black Bear Drawing Prompt
  • Black Bear and Blueberry Maze with Answer Key
  • Want to Know More About Black Bears - Resources

How to Use Our Northern Wilderness Unit Studies With Your Students

Many children are fascinated by wild animals, especially ones that live in extreme environments.

Capitalize on their interests in animals to encourage and introduce important academic skills such as writing, research, math, and observational skills.

Use this Black Bear Unit Study printable pack as a standalone activity. Or assign it as part of a larger unit study to supplement and extend your child’s scientific studies.


This print-and-go pack is part of our Northern Wilderness Collection. Each week we're rolling out a new pack. 

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Some of our upcoming titles include:

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