Beginner Homestead Planner

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An Off Grid Life’s Beginner Homesteader Planner 

You want to start homesteading, but you're not sure where to start. 

There's so much information out there on homesteading, and it can be overwhelming trying to collect everything you need in one spot.

Not to mention, you don't want to make any mistakes that could cost you time or money.

The Beginner Homestead Planner is the answer. 

This instant digital printable PDF bundle includes garden records, animal husbandry records, finances, property, and other worksheets in one spot. 

You'll save time, money, and headaches by using this planner.

29+ pages to help you get started homesteading today!


  1. New Homestead Best Practices & Goals (Tip Sheet & Checklist)
  2. Homestead Land Buying Tips (Includes Checklist and Worksheet)
  3. Common Homestead Income & Expense Options (Off Grid and On Grid Homestead)


  1. Beginner Homestead Planner
  2. Homestead Land Buying Planner
  3. First Year Homestead Goal Planner
  4. Homestead Garden Planner
  5. Homestead Preserving Log/Planner


Print all pages of the planner. I recommend keeping them in a binder with pockets so you can add receipts and other miscellaneous papers you collect as part of your homestead activities.

Start filling out the worksheets with the details of YOUR homestead.

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